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From 23 September until 10 October 2015 at Zurich's main station

A warm welcome to the Züri-Wiesn!

From the tapping of the first beer keg to the Kids’ Wiesn, Züri-Wiesn offers an enjoyable all-round experience for everyone.

Every year the Beer Tent, Beer Garden and Lunapark invite guests to take part in the typical beer festival experience in the middle of Zurich’s main station. Look forward to a fun-packed visit, music and authentic Bavarian specialities!


28 Januar 2016
Züri-Wiesn celebrates its jubilee

Let's «schunkel» on. And we will celebrate the 10th Züri-Wiesn – Our Oktoberfest in the main station with you. The jubilee issue wil take place from Wednesday, 21th September untill Saturday, 8th October 2016. The start of the pre-selling is expected in April 2016. Untill then have a look to our site on Facebook!

24 September 2015
O’zapft is!

With sensational three taps and a little shower of beer Frieda Hodel, first Swiss Bachelorette, opened the 9th Züri-Wiesn – Our Oktoberfest in the main station! Together with Marc Jäggi from Radio 24, the guests counted the taps until the «O’zapft is!» was announced. Afterwards all Wiesn-friends and invited guests celebrated together the opening for 18 days of blue-white good cheer in Zurich main station. The Hessentaler ensured with their music a great wiesn atmosphere. Here you can find some impressions.