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From 24 September until 11 October 2014 at Zurich's main station

A warm welcome to the Züri-Wiesn!

From the tapping of the first beer keg to the Kids’ Wiesn, Züri-Wiesn offers an enjoyable all-round experience for everyone.

Every year the Beer Tent, Beer Garden and Lunapark invite guests to take part in the typical beer festival experience in the middle of Zurich’s main station. Look forward to a fun-packed visit, music and authentic Bavarian specialities!

Anstich in 123 Tagen, 23 Stunden, 45 Minuten und 4 Sekunden


17 Juli 2014
The 2nd Wiesn-Stadl is calling!

Pre-sale is now open! Stefanie Hertel, Francine Jordi, Leonard and Linda Fäh will create an unforgettable experience. Book your tickets now!

1 Juli 2014
Züri-Wiesn – the movie!

We proudly present Hollywood's latest stroke of genius: Züri-Wiesn – the movie! This will lift your Wiesn-hat off your head. Main actors and actresses: the Wiesn fans and friends. Maybe you snatched a walk-on too? Just click here and see!

8 April 2014
Reserve now!

Dear Wiesn-Friends, the reservation is open! Save your table now, because the big Beer Tent will get sold out quickly, especially on the weekends. We'll see each other celebrating at the 8th Züri-Wiesn!

24 Dezember 2013
Hearty Christmas!

Merry Christmas and holidays from the Züri-Wiesn! Have some happy days off and good luck in 2014. And listen up, the next Wiesn-Stadl is coming on Sunday, 5 October 2014 to the Beer Tent!